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00. Money Bag
Chicken blended with chives, corn, onion, garlic and pepper, wrapped in pastry
1. Satay GF
Grilled marinated chicken or beef, topped with peanut sauce and served with cucumber salad
2. Por Pia Tord (Spring Rolls) 
Minced pork, carrot and vermicelli wrapped in pastry and served with sweet and sour sauce
3. Gai Hor Bai Toey (Pandan Chicken)
Marinated chicken pieces wrapped in pandanus leaves, deep fried, served with sauce
 4. Larb Gai or Moo (Larb, Chicken or Pork) GF
Minced chicken or pork with aromatic Thai herbs, fresh chilli and lemon juice (hot)
 5. Yum Neau Yang (Grilled Beef Salad) GF
Grilled beef mixed with cucumber, tomato, coriander, chilli and lemon juice (hot)
6. Pepper Quail
Marinated quail, deep fried and served with pickle
 7. Yum Goong or Pla Meug (Prawn or Squid Salad) GF
A delicious prawn or squid salad seasoned with prawn, chilli, Thai herbs and lemon juice
 8. Yum Talay (Mixed Seafood Salad) GF
Prawn, squid, mussel and scallop in Thai style salad with vermicelli
9. Por Pia Goong (Prawn Spring Roll)
Marinated prawn wrapped in spring roll pastry served with sweet and sour sauce topped with peanut
10. Tord Mun Pla (Fish Patties) GF
A traditional Thai dish – minced fish with spiced herbs accompanied with cucumber salad
11. Mixed Entrée
Chef’s selection (for 2 people)


12. Tom Yum (Prawn or Chicken) GF
Traditional Thai soup flavoured with chilli, lemon juice, lime leaves, lemongrass and mushroom (Chicken $8.50 /Prawn $9.50)
$8.50 / $9.50
13. Tom Kar (Prawn or Chicken) GF
Chicken or prawn in coconut milk flavoured with chilli, lemon, galangal and mushroom (Chicken $8.50 /Prawn $9.50)
$8.50 / $9.50
14. Gang Joed (Clear Soup) GF
Minced pork cooked in mild clear soup with vegetables
Regent Thai Restaurant Main Courses


15. Gang Keaw Warn Gia (Green Chicken) GF
Chicken cooked in coconut milk, green curry paste, bamboo, chilli and basil (hot)
16. Panang Gai or Neau (Red Chicken or Beef) GF
Chicken fillet or beef cooked in thick red curry, chilli, basil and lime leaves
17. Mussaman (Chicken or Beef) GF
Chicken or beef cooked in coconut milk, curry paste, potato and peanut (no peanut in chicken)
18. Gang Garie Gai (Yellow Curry Chicken) GF
Mild yellow chicken curry cooked with potato, bamboo shoot and basil
19. Red Duck Curry
Roasted duck cooked in red curry, coconut milk, chilli, basil and lime leaves


20. Gai or Neau Pud Khing (Ginger Chicken or Beef)
Chicken or beef stir-fried with ginger, spring onion, black fungus and mushrooms (mild)
21. Gai or Neau Pud Prik (Chilli Chicken or Beef) GF
Chicken or beef stir-fried with with seasonal vegetables, fresh chilli and garlic (hot)
22. Prik Khing Gai or Neau (Tasty Chicken or Beef) GF
Stir-fried chicken or beef with red curry paste, vegetables and basil (hot)
23. Prik Pouw Gai or Neau (Basil Chicken or Beef) GF
Chicken or beef and seasonal vegetables stir-fried with mild chilli jam and basil
24. Gaprouw (Chicken or Beef)
Minced chicken or beef stir-fried with blended chilli, garlic sauce, mushroom, bean and basil (hot)
25. Gai Pud Med Mamuang (Chicken Cashew Nut) GF
Stir-fried chicken breast with special sauce, capsicum, pineapple, onion, cashew nut and deep fried chilli (mild)
26. Praram Long Song (Beef with Peanut Sauce) GF
Stir-fried beef with vegetables topped with peanut sauce (mild)
27. Moo Gratiam (Garlic Pork)
Stir-fried pork with garlic, pepper and onion
28. Moo Tord Prik Thai (Pepper Pork) GF optional
Deep-fried marinated pork with pepper


29. Goong Choo Chee (Prawn Choo Chee) GF
Stir-fried prawns in red curry paste, coconut milk, lime leaves, chilli and basil
30. Goong Pud Puk (Prawns with Vegetables) GF
Prawns stir-fried with seasonal vegetables and garlic
31. Goong or Pla Meug Pud Prik (Chilli Prawns or Squid) GF
Stir-fried prawns or squid with vegetables, garlic and fresh chilli (hot)
32. Goong Pud Med Mamuang (Cashew Nut Prawns) GF
Prawns cooked in a special sauce with pineapple, cashew nuts and fried chilli
33. Talay Prik Thai Orn (Peppercorn Seafood) GF
Prawns, squid, mussel and scallop cooked with blended chilli, garlic and peppercorn finished with basil (hot)
34. Talay Tom Yum Heang (Hot and Sour Seafood) GF
Stir-fried prawn, mussel, squid and scallop with tom yum paste
35. Pla Lard Prik (Chilli Fish) GF
Deep-fried whole barramundi topped with chilli sauce and basil (medium)
36. Pla Lard Khing (Ginger Fish) GF optional
Deep-fried whole barramundi topped with ginger, mushroom, spring onion and shallot (mild)
37. Salmon Neung Ma Nao (Lemon Salmon) GF
Steamed salmon fillet with lemon and chilli sauce dressing with coriander


38. Pud Thai GF
Stir-fried Thai rice noodles with prawn, chicken, bean sprouts and tofu
39. Pud Mee
Stir-fried yellow egg noodles with chicken, soy sauce and bean sprouts
40. Pud Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles)
Stir-fried fresh rice noodles with beef, chilli, garlic, bean sprouts and Chinese broccoli (medium)


41. Fried Rice GF
Rice fried with egg and chicken
42. Regent Fried Rice
Rice, prawns and chicken stir-fried with chilli, garlic and basil (medium to hot)
43. Steamed Rice
Plain steamed jasmine rice
Regent Thai Vegetarian Menu


44. Por Pia Puk (Vegetarian Spring Roll)
Deep-fried spring roll filled with cabbage, carrot and vermicelli served with sweet and sour
45. Puk Tord (Vegetables in Batter)
Seasonal vegetables in batter served with sweet chilli sauce
46. Yum Puk (Vegetable Salad) GF
Mixed vegetables in Thai style salad


47. Tom Yum Vegetables GF
Selected vegetables in tom yum soup


48. Pud Puk (Mixed Vegetables) GF
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables with garlic
49. All Green GF
Green vegetables stir-fried with garlic
50. Gang Puk (Curry Vegetables) GF
Vegetables and tofu cooked in yellow or red curry
51. Vegetarian Pud Thai GF
Stir-fried noodles with egg, vegetables and tofu
52. Vegetarian Pud Mee
Stir-fried egg noodles with vegetables and soy sauce
Regent Thai Restaurant Banquet Menu

 banquet 1

Mixed entrée
$42.50 p/p
Main Courses
Mussaman Beef
Peppercorn Seafood
Chicken Cashew Net
Pud Thai
Mixed Vegetables
Jasmine Rice

 banquet 2

Includes coffee and dessert
Banquet menus may be varied on request
Please ask staff about our $65 exclusive banquet
$52.50 p/p

 dessert menu

Home made Coconut Ice Cream $8.50
Sticky Rice with Coconut Ice Cream $8.50
Home made Kahlua Ice Cream $10.50
Sticky Rice with Custard $8.50
Sticky Rice with Mango $10.50
Mixed Plate $22.50